The Fiesta Association has a board of directors which usually comprises of 12-15 members. The balance of the membership comprises the “general members.” The Fiesta Association is the largest volunteer organization in the city and, to us, the most fun. Many strong friendships have occurred within the group because of their association with the Fiesta.

2018/2019 Officers

Jim Taylor, President
Polita Hart, 1st Vice President
Michelle Erca, 2nd Vice President
Helen Gardner, Secretary
Juana Laur, Treasurer

2018/2019 Chairs

Jimmy Ferguson, Logistics chair, Pet Parade
Polita Hart, Membership and Merchandise Chair, Membership Mixer
Leanna Bradshaw, Taste of San Juan
Dave Euzarraga, Sheriff, Farewell to Swallows BBQ
Donny Whitbeck, Assistant Sheriff,Farewell to Swallows BBQ
Deborah Spellum, El Presidenté Ball, VIP Porch
Jonathan Morgan Jenkins, Publicity Chair
Sydney Thibedeau, Fiesta Grande Chair, Silent Auction
Michelle Erca, Mercado Chair
Virgy McBride, Board Member
Jim Taylor, Parade Chair, Sponsorship