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Nike Shanghai Huaihai Road shopping district opened a total of three store experience, walking distance of each other in half an hour. Even 80 million to 130 million in average daily flow, brand stores lined Huaihai Road, Nike is not common practice. The three store experience stores selling something completely different - in the "shoe concept store" Central Trade iapm placed within that portion of most design sense and technical innovations from Nike culled seasonal products; and Xinle road 2 km away, a company called "x158" Nike concept store, more than half of Nike sneakers are buying less than in other places, such as the Japanese avant-garde designer Takahashi series, said that this series It represents the trend of the next 10 years of sporting goods. Finally, the house is quite striking Huaihai Road 5-storey, an area of ??3700 square meters of the Nike flagship store here, encompasses nearly 1,000 models of Nike's quarterly full range of products. "We want to open up a different experience store are not the same, consumers walk around the store, you will not find another visit to repeat." Nike Greater China public relations director HuangXiangYan "First Financial Weekly" said. Indeed, for a person shopping, this three store experience only common denominator is that they all look different and traditional stores. From the entire retail industry, the rise of the store experience is the trend. "From Starbucks to apples, we see companies from various fields increasing emphasis store experience, because it can become the talk in the media and on the Internet. Experience store has become a new brand communication. Cheap Air Huaraches,"Callison Architects of China Design Director Doug Shaw told the" Business Weekly ", the company has designed for many brand experience stores. For sports brands, they tend to be more full of energy required by the environment, contrasting colors, creating more enthusiasm to get closer to customers. This is due to the characteristics of the decision of the sport itself. "Sport is involved in actions, events and characters of things, it is often point to a richer entertainment marketing environment, all of which are related to a more robust consumer interaction with the brand. And a provider of store experience, so that customers will not forget, and visit again. "Puma had a worldwide flagship store designed German design company Plajer & Franz Studio's founder and CEO Werner Franz told the" Business Weekly. " to describe the Nike flagship store on Huaihai Road gives her the feeling of "encouraging people" and "a fascinating" such words. In the past six months time, she will come to the store every Thursday to participate in the Nike Night Run organized activities, the gap will be waiting in her casual stroll in the store. Dazzling light emitting tube from her door to start everywhere, even armed to the grid every shoe, used to set off the texture and color of shoes. Many dazzling devices are also composed of a light-emitting tube. Where each floor has two huge "shoe wall" wall subtly doing background with sneaker tread rubber soles. The most special is that here is not like other shops as Nike, according to the series to display, instead of using the method of each layer of a topic, each feels as if entering a new floor came to a small theme park. Everything about the whole second floor is running, football area belong to the third floor, a huge star posters were hung on the wall, the pitch of the elements have been introduced in the design of the floor.Air Huarache Black, Shoe wall "idea originally came from the Japanese designer Katayama positive pass, he designed the Nike flagship store in Harajuku in Japan. Since then, the wall has become a Nike shoe number with a flagship store in one of the criteria." Sports brand experience store should look like Playground (Playground) as to attract all kinds of people to come, and not only for athletes. "Katayama Zhengtong told the" Business Weekly. "" Playground "is the core concept of his proposed addition to the shoe wall, Katayama ZhengTong also use Nike shoes and marathon runners number plates made the chandeliers and other devices, also used the whole store a lot of wooden elements, the purpose is to reflect the movement of the flexible side. "Movement should be a happy thing. "Katayama positive Tong said that he would let those already in motion, ready to start moving, or want, but people can not find opportunities for sport, felt exaggerated by these new designs fun of sports. If you use traditional retail standards, is commonly known as "floor effect" to measure which is full of a variety of new devices and bold design shop experience, we concluded that probably would be "a waste of space." Huaihai Road flagship store on each floor can be reduced to a few stores in the mall compact arrangement of shelves. "it does not look like things are selling. "Shao Yanna have described her first impression of this store, but do not forget to experience the store's purpose is not to actually sell many things, but that attract a lot of people come in. This is why their design is often exaggerated his best dazzling, often larger area to hold the designer's imaginative, eye-catching effect to achieve key road sports consulting company CEO Zhang told the "Business Weekly", the majority of Chinese consumers have something in common - they will be 800 meters and reading during the test campaign to equate that sport is "tired" and "boring"; and "System" for a long time also causes people to influence sports exist cognitive errors. "But now, as the concept of life and transform education, many people began to want to re-awareness campaign. "Zhang said on the second floor of Nike shop Xinle Road x158 experience is often nearby communities design company to organize Workshop, providing accurate service experience for the customer segments the best place to shop is the brand to attract these potential customers. This is why Nike flagship store on Huaihai Road, each layer of the shoe side walls are always says "love life." this wall are those presented and professional product line apart from casual category. Their color and most models keep up with fashion season, it is difficult to see, "sports" in the shadow. "We hope in this way to make casual sports shoes can keep pace with the professional category. "HuangXiangYan said, according to financial data released by Nike, Nike sports category in 2013 highest sales reached $ 5.637 billion, accounting for 26.99 percent, much higher than running products.Due to the different brand positioning in the sports field, Not everyone practices as Adidas and Nike are still to experience the store as a well-stocked supermarkets as early as Nike, Adidas in 2008 and 2012 respectively in Beijing and Shanghai set up a "Brand Center" - located in Shanghai's brand Today, next to the center of Nike's flagship store, but both display a completely different way. Adidas store still follows the traditional way, according to the men's and women distinguish the product directly and on this basis, in accordance with its various series of sub-brands to divide the region and display products. This way more to "sell products" as a guide. If you have recently visited the store, you can also see discounts shall prominently in each layer. However, despite the terms of the design and display slightly less, Adidas Originals also reduced the proportion of, instead emphasizing NEO, clover, designers brand adidas by Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto served as design director of Y-3, such as design and fashion sense strong product . huge posters of sports stars in these areas is not on the wall, but Wallace such entertainers. Zhang think this is different from Nike, Adidas place. "Nike is the sport itself as a fashion to run. Cheap Nike Huarache,"And when the United States professional sports brand Under Armour opened the world's first experience store when they choose to highlight the product in store performance. This company was founded by former Maryland football star Kevin Plank in 1996, since the invention of athletes in strenuous exercise to keep the body cool and light clothing material prototype is known for, then also led the popular tight and absorbent materials sports equipment. October 2013, Under Armour integrated shopping mall in Nanjing West Road in Shanghai Kerry Center opened the world's first athlete experience store. Customers can see a door is not a product, but will go along a dark path of white space, 270-degree wide-screen sports movie is played in 360-degree video technology shooting, immersive experience for consumers Phelps, NBA star Brandon Jennings and other athletes training scenarios and classic moments on the field. After the end of the movie, the staff will guide customers into another product display space, here Under Armour placed a small number of classic series. "It means not immediately sell a T-shirt or a pair of shoes," Under Armour Asia Pacific Marketing Director Gable Michael "First Financial Weekly" said, "is more important the visitors' experience for everyone, every day we are in the consumer into athletes. "However, Under Armour's this experience shop in shop mode flash (Pop-up Store) exists, it will be remodeled into a general store in the opening six months later.